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Mission & Purpose
My Journey


I work from a position of love for all with the highest level of non-egocentric professionalism, ethics, and integrity.

Mentored by many established spiritual teachers and professionals, I've studied under James Van Praagh, recently obtaining certification as spiritual coach.


I am devoted to my lifelong path of spiritual development while assisting and guiding others; this is my ultimate commitment to my Spirit, my clients, and myself.

Image by Benjamin Voros


Early in life, I knew I was different. I knew who was calling on the phone before answering. I knew things that no one else seemed to know.

I was born with an identical twin, Larry, and even though we did not know what it was called, we could communicate through telepathy.


In 2020, and at the age of fifty, Larry suddenly died, but the communication did not stop between us; he had stepped in as my spirit guide.


Along with my desire to strengthen and maintain the connection with Larry, his influence allowed me to better understand and cultivate all my abilities to help others on their spiritual life pathways. If he had not crossed over, I would never have been inspired to broaden my knowledge and understanding of Spirit and how this can apply to our everyday lives.

During this last chapter of my lifetime, I have embodied who I am as a spiritual mentor and coach, and the establishment of this website is a testament to my journey.

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