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how does a reading with you work?

How my gift works is simple. When I tune in, I see which spirit is ready to speak to you. I can request a specific person in spirit; however, it is up to the spirit realm and the urgency of the information that Spirit needs to communicate to you as to which spirit comes through. Sometimes the loved one you wish to communicate with may not be ready to speak; however, another spirit may have an especially important message for you.

Are the readings in person, phone or by video conference?

You may elect to have your reading by phone or video conference at this time. As I expand, I may consider in person readings as the Covid-19 situation allows.

Are readings other than in person accurate?

Yes. I connect to the energy which is all around us. If I can connect to you through a method of energy whether visual, audio, or in writing, I can link to Spirit to do the reading. A mediumship reading requires phone or video and cannot be done through email due to the necessity to validate information in real time.

How do I get the most out of my mediumship reading?

You must approach the reading open to anything Spirit must tell you with no expectations as to who delivers that message. Spirit never fails to provide exactly what you need when you need it.

What can I ask during a psychic reading?

My intentions in doing this work come from a place of love and healing to help you on your life path. Spirit has been, is, and always will be there to assist us as we progress through life, so opportunities to make a connection should be deeply valued.


Accessing Spirit and the guidance it provides should always be about what you need to know at this time to help you in the best way possible in this lifetime.


While my practices are for entertainment purposes, I recognize how important it is for many of us to remember and realize we are spiritual beings who have created a life plan. This lifetime is the most important, and we all have lessons to learn and purposes to fulfill. Being curious is essential to who we are, yet we must also recognize that we must live in the here and now and focus on our personal journeys, development, and growth.


When it comes to spiritual readings, I will not violate anyone else's privacy or provide a reading for a minor without parental permission. I will also not provide lottery numbers, medical, legal, or financial investment advice. However, if you ask a question related to yourself or your relationships, I will provide answers if I am not bound by legal, ethical, or spiritual restrictions. If the answer is not yet available or Spirit does not want you to know it at this particular time, I will let you know.

Can the two types of readings be combined when having a reading?

Yes. If you wish for both methods to be employed, just ask me.

Is getting a reading “evil” or going against God?

No. Love is always from God (Spirit). My gifts are God-given. This is my ministry to offer evidence our dearly departed loved ones survive death and are very much alive.


However, if having a reading with me might be a Spiritual conflict for you, please pray and receive peace about it before you book a reading.


I will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. Click here to send me a message,

what is spirit (lower case "s")?

Spirit with a lower case is the etheric nature or “soul” of the individual that survives the body after death. The spirit realm is the etheric space where all these spirits exist outside of the human body.

what is Spirit (capital "s")?

Some call Spirit--God, Source, Prime Creator, Prime Source, Jehovah, Allah, etc. Spirit is the One who made us all no matter the name assigned to It.

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