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what does it all mean?

Before booking a reading with me, it is helpful to know and understand the different channels of communication I use with clients.


While each method overlaps with others in some ways, you may have a specific direction or questions on which you would like to focus during our session.


Having this knowledge will both help you to determine what type of reading you would like to have with me and help me to provide you with the most meaningful session possible.

For answers to more general FAQs, click here

Evidential Mediumship


A psychic medium is a person who connects with spirits and the spiritual realm to provide
guidance, insight, and clarity for those seeking it. Psychic mediums communicate with the spirit
world and other dimensions to gain insights into a person's life, relationships, and career. They
also offer spiritual healing and closure to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

An evidential medium reading provides you the sacred space to experience life after life
communications from the spirit realm with evidence that your loved ones in spirit are very much alive and wanting to contact you. It is my heart-felt desire that each communication allows Spirit to communicate a unique message to you through me which is essential for your spiritual growth, healing and development.

Psychic Readings


A psychic reading allows you to ask me your personal questions dealing with day-to-day issues in life. I utilize my connection with my Spirit guides/team and my psychic senses to provide you with answers as provided by Spirit based on the energy of you and the situation at the time of the reading. I may utilize psychic tools besides my psychic senses such as oracle cards or the pendulum; however, the information provided to you is always from Spirit and my spirit guides/team.

oracle cards readings


Oracle cards are a type of divination tool, which means they are used to try and gain insight into a situation or answer a question. Oracle cards are a deck of cards with images and symbols on them, and each card has a different meaning. To use oracle cards, the person asking the question will shuffle the deck and then choose a certain number of cards, which are then laid out in a specific pattern. The person then interprets the meaning of the cards based on their positions in the pattern and the overall message they seem to be giving.

pendulum dowsing


Pendulum dowsing is an ancient and intuitive art that has been used for centuries to gain
insight and clarity. It is a form of divination that uses the power of a pendulum to access the
inner wisdom of the subconscious mind. By swinging the pendulum and asking it questions, you can discover answers to your queries and gain greater understanding of the world around you.

spiritual coaching


Spiritual coaching is a type of coaching or guidance that focuses on helping people to improve their spiritual well-being. This can involve helping people to connect with their inner wisdom and higher power, to develop a deeper understanding of their values and beliefs, and to make positive changes in their lives. Spiritual coaches may use a variety of techniques and tools, such as meditation, journaling, or mindfulness, to help their clients grow and learn. Some people believe that spiritual coaching can help them to feel more peaceful, fulfilled, and connected to something greater than themselves.

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